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Web Menu Creator

Create a Platform-Independent Web Menu

With just a few clicks, you can develop a platform-independent menu for a web-browser from your existing Menu App for Windows PC. Because the web browser menu runs on a web browser it works on all platforms: PC, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones, USB-Stick, Smart TVs). Your menu can be loaded onto CDs, DVDs, USB-Drives and passed along, or it can be loaded onto a web server and accessed from any system.


Note: The Web Menu Creator is only available on the registered version.

Coding and Encoding with Html-5, CSS-3 and UTF-8

The HTML files are created using HTML5 and CSS3 and saved in UTF-8 encoding. That means the aspect ratio of the menu app will be maintained across platforms, so the menu will look the same in the browser window as it does on a Windows PC.


JavaScript is not used in any of the functions, with the exception of the Exit function (onClick="self.close()" ). If JavaScript is disabled on a system, the Exit function will not work. However, this is not a problem because the browser-level controls will still allow the tab or window to be closed. None of the other functions are executed through JavaScript.

Web Menu Converter

The Web Menu Converter in the KSSW-Front End Menu Software creates an HTML document from each menu page. For the image files attached using the ImageViewer, a separate HTML file is created and connected with the corresponding button. Unformatted text files (.txt) and message boxes will also be converted to HTML files and attached.

System Requirements

For the Frontend Menu Creator
  • Windows XP or higher, 32-Bit or 64-Bit.
  • The Web Menu Creator is only available on the registered version.
For the created web menu
  • Any system with a web browser.
    The created web menu runs on any system that has a web browser that supports HTML5, CSS3 and UTF-8 encoding. The program author is not aware of any browsers that do not support this.

Some Restrictions Apply

If you want to develop a menu application for all browsers and all systems, you must understand that the menu must designed for the lowest common demoninator browser and operating system. Files and presentations designed for Windows Systems usually only work as expected in the Windows environment.

Read the technical details in our manual for Creating Web Menus:
Manual: the Web Menu Creator

Screenshots of Menu Examples

on the following page you will see screenshots of menu applications:
    » Screenshots of menu examples