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Create Autorun CD Menu for CD & DVD and Front-end Menu for USB Device.
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Frontend Menu Demo

Download the instantly available Front End Menu Demo

Here is how you run the Front End Demo

The demo projects can be started from your hard drive directly after downloaded. Here's how:

  • Download Front End Menu Demo (self-extracting zip file).
  • After downloading, choose the open function or run the downloaded EXE file.
  • Provide a test directory for the extracted file.
  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the test directory.
  • Double-click the file Menu.exe.
  • Click all buttons

All of our downloadable files are free of pop-ups, banner ads, bugs, spyware and malware. If you are skeptical, verify yourself (before unzipping) with your own virus scanner.

Front End Menu Demo: Freddys Smartphone Shop

This demo shows:

  • Covering the Desktop Area (without Taskbar)
  • Windows without borders
  • Background Image
  • Logo
  • 3-Status buttons with a modern Look & Feel
  • All buttons have Tooltips


  • Buttons linked to a locally saved PDF
  • Buttons linked to a locally saved HTML file
  • Buttons linked to an HTML on the internet
  • Starting an email client with a filled out address field
  • Close Button

Download Front End Menu Demo "Freddys Smartphone Shop" here: menu-example-fss.exe, 3,664 MB

Front End Menu Demo: Slideshow

The creation of slideshows is not the main purpose of the Front End Menu Creator, but the demo is intended to show the broad capabiltiies of the software.

Also shown in this demo is that all image and info files are can included in the EXE file (only with the Business License).

The demo project is not included in the software packet, but can be downloaded at the following link:

Donwload: fem-slideshow-demo.zip (11,968 MB)

  KSSW-FrontendMenu Demo Project Slideshow

KSSW-FrontendMenu-Creator - The software for creating user-defined front end menus

KSSW-FrontendMenu-Creator will not put boundaries on your creativitiy. Through background image and the buttons with customizable graphics, you completely control the look and feel of the user interface.