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Create Autorun CD Menu for CD & DVD and Front-end Menu for USB Device.
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No one loves reading handbooks or instruction manuals, especially not when they contain technical contents. If the contents of this manual confront you with unfamiliar concepts or you get the feeling that you are reading the Peking phone book, then you too are restless with instruction manuals.

In that case:
At least read the Style Guide to avoid the most common design errors.
Style Guide

The Quick Start Guide

The quick start guide is your no-frills step-by-step guide for creating a simple front end menu. Click on the page and follow the instructions to see just how easy it is to operate this software.
Quick Start Guide

Learning by doing

Experimentation is always more enjoyable than studying manuals. For this reason, KSSW Front End Menu Creator Software comes with several examples. Load the examples and play with the settings. This is another way to quickly familiarize yourself with the software.
The included examples

CDMenuPro Users

In case you have already developed using CDMenuPro, you are already familiar with most of the concepts and methods and you should have no problems with using this software immediately.