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Style Guide

The Style Guide will help you avoid the most common design mistakes, and will help you create a menu that starts problem-free in all Windows systems.

Folder and File Names

The Joliet CD File System allows only path and file names up to 64 characters. Therefore, avoid longer names. More thorough information on this topic can be found here...

Avoid long folder and file names

Problems can arise when menu programs with specific run-time parameters are started with path and file names that include blank spaces.

Avoid blank spaces in folder and file names.

Use these examples in place of "My File.Pdf":

  • "My-File.Pdf"
  • "My_File.Pdf"
  • "MyFile.Pdf"
Replace blank spaces in file and directory names with a dash, underscore or use "camel case" notation style.
» CamelCase

Window Size of the Menu

There are still pc systems notepads) that allegedly use 640 x 480 pixel VGA screens. If the menu is intended for public distribution, the window size should comply with the prior-mentioned screen size.

The window size should not be greater than 640 x 480 pixels.

Font Style

Even if you have ‚exotic fonts' installed on your Windows System, you should avoid using non-native Windows font styles in your menu. You should not assume your users have non-native font styles installed.

Do not use any exotic (non-native to Windows) font styles.