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The KSSW-FrontendMenu Resource Compiler

The Resource Compiler can only be used with the Business Licence full version of KSSW Front End Menu Creator.

What are resources ?

Menu resources are the files for the image, button and project files for each individual project.

    In Detail:
    • The project file (START.MENU)
    • The project files of the submenus (*.MENU).
    • The background image.
    • The background image for the welcome screen.
    • Graphics files for the image objects.
    • The image files for bitmap buttons.
    • The program icon

Was ist ein Ressource Compiler

The Ressource Compiler inserts the resource files into the "MENU.EXE" file of your project. This allows for all of the resource files to built into a single file. Your Autostart program.

The KSSW-FrontendMenu Resource Compiler
Der KSSW-FrontendMenu Resource Compiler

Advantages of using the compiler:

  • The resources in your menu application are contained in one file.
  • A simple, clean root folder of your data storage device (CD/DVD/USB)
  • The menu application is protected from manipulation.
  • Resources are protected from being overwritten or erased.
  • Resources can not be changed by third parties.
  • Easier handling.

The Ressource Compiler

Notes about the compiler
The function for inserting resources in the EXE file is only available on Windows NT / Windows2000 and higher operating systems. Of course the compiled EXE file will run on any Windows System.

Compiler Restrictions:

  • max. 230 Characters for path and file names
  • max. 999 Files
  • max. File Size limit (Single File): 10MB
  • max. Total Size: 50MB
  • Compiler runs on Windows NT/ Windows2000 or higher systems.

Compiling a project

From the menu bar, select: "Projekt - Compile..." or click on the corresponding button in the toolbar.

KSSW Front End Menu Resource Compiler - the Start Menu
KSSW Front End Menu Resource Compiler - the Start Menu

KSSW Front End Menu Resource Compiler - the Settings KSSW Front End Menu Resource Compiler - the Settings

Compiler - Methods

  • Embedding resources in the menu application
    The menu resources will be embedded directly into the Menu.Exe file. The changes to the Exe file cause the digital signature to become invalid.
  • Saving resources in a file
    In this method, all menu resources will be saved in a resource file (Menu.dat). Because the Exe file is untouched by this method, the digital signature remains valid.

    More information about the digital signature » here...

Adding file information
With this option you can add your own description, version and a copyright mark (see image below).

Adding an icon
With this option, you can add a different icon to the menu application (Menu.exe). Warning: If the icon contains more than 32 images, only the first 32 images will be transferred.

Edit an already complied project

Start KSWW Front End Menu Creator and open the project file. A dialog will open up and ask whether Edit Mode should be opened. If "yes", the following actions will occur:

  • The resource files from the "ERS_BACKUP" will be copied again
  • All resources and file information in Menu.exe will be deleted.
  • The project will be loaded into the Editor for editing.