KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator

Create Autorun CD Menu for CD & DVD and Front-end Menu for USB Device.
  • Autorun CD Menu Creator
  • USB Menu Creator
  • Frontend Menu Creator
  • Desktop Menu Creator

Turn Your Ideas Into Professional Presentations!

Menu Objects

The following objects can be added in the menu window:

Die Objekt-Leiste
The Object Bar
  Objects from top to bottom:
  • Buttons, for linking to documents or EXE files
  • Single or multi-line static text
  • Scrollable Text Area in RTF or TXT format.
  • Group Box, which serves to group interface objects
  • Submenu, inserts a submenu page into the project and opens the submenu page in this work area.
  • Image Object. This object will show in the menu window (Do not use it as for a background image)
  • Image-Viewer shows an individual image in a separate window.
  • Slideshow. This uses the external program “PicturePlayer”. PicturePlayer is not included in this software packet.
  • Movie & Sound, connects media files with the Windows Media Player or with an external freeware program (Media Player Classic (mplayerc.exe)”
  • Html, Txt, Rtf connects files of HTML, TXT or RTF types with a reader/viewer that is included in the software packet.
  • KSSW-Archive: An archive (like Winzip) that protects files from unwanted attack and alteration.
  • Copy App allows the user to copy all folder contents from the portable storage device.
  • Popup Menu creates a popup menu with up to 30 menu entries
  • Listbox lists several documents of the same file types. A document can be selected and opened by clicking on the corresponding button.
  • Link is an HTML link to a document on the Internet

Working with Menu Objects

Adding Menu Objects to the menu window

Left-click and hold on an object in the object toolbar. While holding down the mouse button, pull the cursor into the position where you want the object. Let go of the mouse button. After this the object properties dialogue will open with further settings.

Select an object

Left-click on a menu object to select it.

Edit an object (Open the properties dialogue box)

Select an object then right-click on it. This opens the context menu. In the context menu, select "Edit selected object".

Delete an object

Select an object, then right-click on it. This opens the context menu. In the context menu, select "Delete selected object".

Undo: Undo deleting an object

From the menu bar, select: "Edit - Undo: Delete".

The Object List

Objects can be edited with the help of the Object List. In the menu bar, select: "Objects - Object List...". An object is selected, when you click on its line in the object list. Susquently, the object can be edited or deleted.