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Create Autorun CD Menu for CD & DVD and Front-end Menu for USB Device.
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Buttons - The visual properties

Open the Properties dialog for the button and click on the "Visual Properties" tab.

  • Position
    The X-position and Y-position are the distances in pixels from the top left corner of the window. Width and height, are the width and height of the button in pixels. Make sure that buttons with graphics (3-state bitmap and image) have a height and width that correspond to the image source file.
  • Button Style
    Take your time in experimenting with all of the button styles. The 3-state bitmap type offers the most options. The graphical layout of this type is fully compatible with the CDMenuPro Bitmap Button. You can find a complete description on the CDMenuPro website. (CDMenuPro Bitmap Button - CDMenuPro Bitmap Button - Graphical Layout)
    Note: The CDMenuPro buttons of the type "Bitmap-Button" can taken into the KSSW Front End Menu Creator.
  • Background
    The background color of the button
  • Frame
    Choose between 3D frames or colored frames, and for graphical buttons the frame can be completely eliminated.
  • Text Properties
    Here you can choose the font and font color. If you have installed your own 'exotic fonts' on Windows, you should not use them because your users may not have the same 'exotic fonts' installed.