KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator

Create Autorun CD Menu for CD & DVD and Front-end Menu for USB Device.
  • Autorun CD Menu Creator
  • USB Menu Creator
  • Frontend Menu Creator
  • Desktop Menu Creator

Turn Your Ideas Into Professional Presentations!

Button Functions

Open the button Properties dialog box and click on link properties.

  • Open a file (document) in its Viewer, Reader, Editor..
    In the Windows registry, document types are linked with an associated program. For instance, PDFs are usually opened with Acrobat Reader or a document file is associated with MS Word. This function opens the file in the associated program. The document is entered into the "Document" field. Use the "[]" button.
    WARNING: Note that the associated program is not the same on every system. This depends on each customer's settings.
  • Run an executable program (.exe,.bat), optionally submitting a parameter.
    This runs a program. The program is entered into the "Program" field. Use the "[]" button.
  • View an image in an external Viewer.
    Jpg, Gif, Bmp open in an external window.
  • Open a submenu.
    The button opens a new menu.
  • Open Email client.
    The receiver, subject and text can be pre-defined.
  • Initiate a Windows-Search
    the start folder is entered into the folder field.
  • Initiate a Windows-Explorer
    the start folder is entered into the folder field.
  • Close the menu application.
  • Unzip all files.
    Unzips all files to a destination folder.
  • Play a sound
    A sound (wav, mid, mp2, mp3) can be tied to a button.

The Link-Wizard

The Link Wizard guides the user through the button creation process. The Link Wizard links the proper settings with the proper document-types, helping a new user to create buttons only with help of the Link Wizard.