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Create Autorun CD Menu for CD & DVD and Front-end Menu for USB Device.
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Front End Menu Project

Create a new project

In the menu bar, select "Project - new Project...". Give your a project a unique name.

The creation of the menu window will now take place in the background. All of these details can be changed at any times. For your first test, accept of all of these default settings by clicking on "OK".

1.) Menu Window Properties

Here you can set up the menu window size, the backgruond color and the background image source. You can also enter a title, which show up in the title bar and the taskbar.

2.) Desktop Properties

You have the option to change the entire Desktop color. If this is desired, choose an appropriate color for your menu design here.

3.) Splash Screen

Before the menu window is opened, a splash screen is shown. The splash scrren tells the user about the nature and content of the following application. In case you need a splash screen, the graphic should be between 200 x 200 pixels and 400 x 400 pixels.

Finally you will be in workspace a window of the desired size and color. A button for closing the menu is also automatically added. This button can be changed later according to the visual style f your buttons.